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De naam is afgeleid van de monnik Maron uit Syrië die in de 4e eeuw als kluizenaar leefde en zijn wonderen vanuit een grot in een berg verrichtte. Hij is de stichter van de Christelijke Maronieten kerk. De naam Maron betekent in het Aramaic ( de taal waar Hebreeuws Aramees en Arabisch hun basis vinden) The little lord.
Maron - 21 december 2013


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Saint Maron
Our Spiritual Father

Our spiritual father, St Maron (“the little lord” in Aramaic) was born around AD 350 in Cyrrhus, a small town near Antioch.

He was ordained a priest and later withdrew as a hermit to a mountain of Taurus, near Antioch, above the banks of the Orontes River. It was at this chosen hermitage that he rededicated an old pagan temple as a shrine to the True God. Here he was joined by many disciples who formed a community. and spent his time praying in solitude, fasting, and working.

Maron spent his time praying in solitude, fasting, and working. He was a renowned miracle worker and healer.

And since God is very generous with his saints, he bestowed upon him the gifts of healing the sick. His fame spread to all the surrounding districts, so people flocked to him and witnessed the veracity of his virtues and miracles. He could heal the sick and exorcise the devil by mere prayer. Physicians prescribe a special medicine for each disease, but the prayer of the righteous is the remedy for all diseases.

St. Maron not only healed the ailments of the body but also those of the soul, by curing the avarice of the covetous, the anger of the passionate, teaching some the wisdom of temperance, others the principles of justice, others the happiness of chastity, and others the love of labor.”

St, Maron attracted many disciples: James of Cyrrhus, Limnaeus, Domnina, Cyra, Marana, Abraham the hermit, the apostle of Mount Lebanon, and many others.

The great Archbishop of Constantinople, St John Chrysostom, was his friend. St Maron died in 410. After his death, a church was built over his grave. His feast day is kept on the 9th of February.
Maron - 21 december 2013